A Champagne Destiny Reading Experience in New Orleans

Ah, yes. The champagne destiny reading experience – the elevated version of what I’m about to describe. My body swayed side to side free of my own effort as I sat on the tacky dining room chair. I was several vodka sodas into a happy hour that had long surpassed the typical late afternoon/early evening time slot. A woman looked into my bloodshot eyes and touched my hand affectionately. In her indiscernible accent she proclaimed, “I see that you have a big change coming in the autumn, probably in October.” I did have a dream of finally finishing the writing of my cartel crime novel that fall. October sounded like a decent deadline to me. My befuddled mind was astounded. “Wow, you’re amazing.” I slurred as I threw 40 bucks on the table. 

That transaction, my dear readers, was a palm reading in Queens, New York. Believe it or not, that interaction is probably the height of legitimacy in the field of mysticism in New York City. Yes, a woman reading my palm out of her dining room as her family carries on as normal in the background telling me I was about to experience a big change is what passes for esoteric magic in the big apple. I’ve done enough palm readings to know that it is truly all generalized bullshit. 

A woman in black feather earrings, a white tank top, and sunglasses blowing bubbles in a park.
Feeling zen after my session with Mika.

I woke up the next morning only vaguely remembering the interaction. My husband wasted no time in telling me that I had been duped. He also suggested that start drinking less at happy hour. There is something heartwarming, ironically, in getting tricked in New York City. It’s an essential New York experience that every visitor and resident must undergo, some more times than others. Of course, it’s a charming experience until you realize you blew forty dollars. The big issue with that is that rent in New York City happens to be a bajillion dollars. Damn you, Tito’s and club on a Friday afternoon.

Whenever an experience like the aforementioned occurs, I can’t help feeling like I need a trip to my favorite city in the world, New Orleans. The supernatural scene in New Orleans goes far beyond a hustler trying to make a buck. Although you can find that in the crescent city too. Mysticism is deeply rooted in the culture of the Big Easy. It is the only city that I know of which a high number of people legitimately practice voodoo as a religion. It also boasts high rates of believers in vampirism and other elements of the supernatural.

A yellow two story building with red shutters showing the famous architecture of New Orleans
The greatest city on earth – New Orleans

Mystical New Orleans

During my recent trip to New Orleans in October, I participated in a particular experience. A champagne destiny reading experience in the park was a siren song to a woman who loves an excuse to drink in the morning, and has an unfortunate fascination with knowing my destiny. For better or for worse, I’m a type A person. My greatest comfort comes from preparation and planning for the future; my whole life I have always been this way. When other kids would draw in kindergarten, I would be making to-do lists.  

I’m also a curious person. I’m one of those rare breeds who can never learn enough. If I’m not learning something, my time is being wasted. Being an inquisitive person means I need to understand how and why life works. Every aspect of it. For thousands of years, when there is no obvious answer to such a grand question, humans turn to mystic means for an answer. 

My Personal Conquest

On a personal level, my biggest conquest has been to better understand myself. I’ve been unique my entire life. From my earliest memories I’ve always been opinionated and ambitious. I’ve always had grand plans for my life, and always felt a need to question the status quo. In response, I’ve nearly always been told to shut up and step into line. For much of my life I tried, but I could never do that.

It was just a fact of life that there must be something wrong with me. I came to terms with the fact that I would have to accept that I was indeed idiosyncratic. No other young woman I knew thought and talked about injustice, politics, ambition, and the way that I did. No other woman actively plotted a timeline in which to advance their career. Most women I know were focused on dressing pretty, getting married, and have babies. These women were perfectly content to let men do things like debate and achieve lofty goals that go beyond having the nicest eyebrows and raising the sweetest kids.

Arriving at City Park

Tired from a long night on Frenchmen Street and impromptu tattoos, my cousin Nina and I arrived at Cafe DuMonde in City Park by cab. I had never been to city park before, and I was struck by how picturesque and romantic it looked. It boasts all of the flora and fauna, such as draping trees and Spanish moss that creates an image of southern, gulf coast, charm. City Park looks as though in its conception, it was painted by the same brush as an artist who creates images for children’s fairy tale books. The trees in the ‘secret garden’ are weeping, gigantic, and vibrant; they practically beg visitors to embrace their inner childhood imagination and to come explore for the day.

After some awkward walking back and forth in the shaded overhang of the cafe, we found Mika. She is the beautiful mind and originator of the champagne destiny reading experience. A bubbly, beautiful, black woman with large sunglasses. She was waving to us and welcoming us as if we were old friends. I enjoyed her from the start – she radiated warmth on a cool cloudy morning. For some reason, I just got the feeling that I was in good hands. I was in the presence of someone bona fide. Mika immediately struck me as a cosmic-goddess-slash-fly-as-hell-old-soul. I had the feeling we were kindred spirits from the jump. We were starving, so she encouraged us to get beignets and beverages before we settled in. We took her up on that offer. I learned that the Cafe DuMonde iced cafe mocha is far superior to cafe au lait. Fight me on that one. 

Three beignets covered in powder sugar on a green tray with napkins.
Beignets at Cafe DuMonde in City Park

Pop The Bubbly for the Champagne Destiny Reading Experience

Mika began by popping a bottle of Barefoot brand bubbly and filling our champagne glasses to the brim. I find that people who are open about themselves are often the most authentic. Mika’s genuine energy came through strongly as she told us about herself. What immediately struck me was that her whole life she had been casted as a misfit of sorts. She thought and behaved differently from her peers. This granted her the designation of ‘weirdo.’

To start, she has ADHD which led her to dream and imagine rather than listen and focus. Beyond that, she thought and felt differently than others, she is an empath. She deeply feels a connection to those around her. She experiences emotions in a way that is deeper than the average person. Empaths tend to ponder societal issues and the trajectory of their life often. I’d finally found a person outside of my own circle who shared the same struggles I had throughout childhood. For 20 odd years of my life, I have never found a single person who is like me. I’d say this encounter was mystical and serendipitous in and of itself. 

A woman in a white tank top and yellow pants and a girl in a red tank top and jeans hold glasses of champagne, giant playing cards, and descriptions of their birthday predictions.
Buzzing and vibing and connecting with the cosmos.

I was buzzed after my first glass of champagne and I ready to watch how the stars align. Mika began by describing how numbers and therefore playing cards are inextricably part of the universe. Humanity has been working with some form of playing card or number games for centuries. Originally, cards functioned as a calendar system for early humans. For example, there are 52 cards and 52 weeks in a year. When there are numbers that correspond to each playing card in order, we get a total of 365. Considering that numbers and humanity are born of the same universal matter, there is a tenacious connection between the two entities. 

Cosmic Connection

To Mika, it is no wonder that numbers and dates can tell so much about each and every person in the world. To start, people fall into four categories: spades, diamonds, clubs, and hearts. People who are hearts find that success comes by way of having a relationship. Those who are clubs tend to be innately curious and strong communicators. 

A giant 2 of clubs playing card. A description of what a "two of clubs" person tensds to be like.
Birthday destiny reading

We gave Mika our birthdays and she pulled two pieces of paper out of her binder. There were very thorough descriptions on each. She read the first one, and we were to guess whose birthday it was based on the description. About halfway through, Nina, who is much more of a logical skeptical type declared, “This is you for sure”.  I could not deny it. The description accurately depicted the exact types of arguments that I have. It told of specific insecurities and fears that I have never shared with anyone. 

Eerily Accurate

Just days earlier I had gotten myself into a frenzy. My husband had not completed a task by the deadline we agreed upon. This was not going to cause any danger or harm. Nonetheless, I felt my heart beat out of my chest. This is often a source of contention in our home. My husband is free spirited and laid back. I on the other hand have no capacity for waiting, being flexible, or even slightly adjusting my desires or expectations. We rarely argue. If I begin a row, it is because something is because a plan has been changed. I often need things done how I want, and when I want. This might look like a movie date night being switched from Friday to Saturday. It might look like booking a trip on Wednesday night when we had plans to do it by Monday night.  

Two women holding giant playing cards. Four of spades is on the left, two of clubs is on the right. Women hold descriptions of their birth date predictions.
I was SO clearly a four of spades; Nina was definitely a two of clubs.

Everyone who knows me knows that this is an issue of mine. Mika looked at her paper and read aloud. [I] “often start arguments due to my need to get things done the exact way I want.” Not only that, I want them done when I want them done. Nina looked at me and smirked. This was undoubtedly me to a tee. 

Most astonishing, the reading validates the notion that my birthday declares me to be a human oddity. This being because of my constant curiosity, outspoken nature, and perseverance on societal, political, and worldly issues. It also stated that I most likely enjoy writing as a hobby. 

The Take Away

The champagne destiny reading experience is legit. I think relieved is the best word I can think of to describe the outcome of my session with Mika. I know it sounds peculiar to call our experience a session, but it was damn right therapeutic. In a typical therapy session, I sometimes guard the things I’m most vulnerable about discussing. Most humans do, it’s natural. It is often difficult to put my fears, memories, and attitudes into words sometimes. Therefore, I ugly cry, I hurt, and most days I’d rather not deal with the messiness of all of that. I didn’t have to verbalize that in this case, Mika just knew based on the reading. She knew what drove me crazy, what drove my ambition, and what propelled my utter and complete joy in life.

I admit, I am far more willing and wanting to believe in the supernatural than most people. Maybe it is because like Mika, I am an empath. I feel connected to people, ideas, the stars, God. I see in ways that others might not that we are all connected. Still, the accuracy of my birthday reading was eerily accurate. Even to a typically more logical and guarded person like my cousin, the accuracy was uncanny.

A woman with sunglasses and tattoos and a red tank top dipping a bubble wand into a small tube of bubbles.
Nina getting ready to blow her wishes out to the universe.

The experience ended with blowing bubbles into the blue sky. This was done as a symbol of the wishes and ideas we want to project out to the universe. As I blew my bubbles into the air, I felt light and hopeful. I had a genuine sense that everything was going to be OK. A way in which I had not felt that way for a very long time. I always feel that I am meant for an important and exceptional future – more so than other people. Furthermore, when I’m down on myself, I wonder if having these feelings is delusional. Hearing my birthday tarot card brought validation to my original ideal. It validates that greatness is within my destiny, and that greatness is still worth working passionately toward. What may I ask, is YOUR destiny? Find out by booking an experience with Mika at https://www.airbnb.com/experiences/256675

A woman in sunglasses and a white tanktop and feather earrings blows bubbles at the park. Wearing yellow pants and a blank sweater tied around waist.
Putting positive vibes out there into the world.

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  1. Ok, I never done anything like this before but after reading your experience, I would love to try this. The fact you had champagne with this probably made it more interesting and an enjoyable experience. Have you come across anything like this on the road in the United States or only in Louisana.

  2. I must admit to being very sceptical about palm readings. They are often so generic you can read anything into them. But I understand why you might want to try it is such a mystical city as New Orleans. And a glass of bubbly to start might put me in a less skeptical frame of mind. But very interesting how accurate your profile was from just your birthday.

  3. I am not a believer of palm reading as most of the times, it is so generic. But what you experienced was actually mystical. I have never been to New Orleans, is that a normal thing there? When I visit there, I will surely try this out. And yes, your husband is right, you must drink less in the happy hours, haha!

  4. Very interesting. I have never done a reading, but I have been giving it more serious consideration lately. Not that i necessarily want to know where my life will lead me at this stage… I’m already there. I just find in interesting. I know the trick is to find a legit one and i also know that you have to be open to the idea for it to work. I also love the idea of Champaign… good way to relax

  5. Wow destiny reading experience that too while traveling would be a great and unique thing. I believe in such things, though my husband and friends make fun of me, but I love to meet such people though they can be true or not true too. Also I loved the cosmic connection linked with 52 cards and also its 4 categories – spades, club, heart and diamond. Putting out positive vibes into the world is also excellent thing to do though people believe it or not. I loved reading each and every part of your cosmic reading and I would surely go for it.

  6. Interesting experience for you in New Orleans. I have tried getting palm reading done once many years back but somehow did not get any confidence in what was being predicted and what was mentioned about the past. Maybe I would give a second attempt if I am ever there.

  7. Definitely never been into readings or anything like that, but it sounds like you had a great experience with it in New Orleans. I’ve been wanting to get to New Orleans, and perhaps when I finally do, I will look into a reading. When in Rome, right?

  8. Never knew that New Orleans was so high on mysticism, voodoo, and vampirism. All this is news for me. And I have never had a destiny reading experience in my life. But this one sounds interesting especially with the champagne. I would love to do it once for the fun.

  9. Your experience with destiny reading in new orleans sounds interesting and a unique experience. I don’t really believe in destiny reading though but it sounds like a great experience.

  10. Great post!!Many people associate New Orlean with witches and all sorts of Voodoo. I have never given destiny any serious thought, like many people I don’t really ponder upon it. But it sounds like of interesting and unique as I have never done a destiny reading.

  11. New Orleans has lots of interesting things to see and is much more than the French Quarter. As much as I like champagne, I probably stick with the placemats of my Chinese restaurant which categorizes people by their zodiac.

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