Visiting “Romantic” St Lucia with a Friend

A view of Marigot Bay with beautiful blue waters, some boats, and lush green mountains and palm trees. This certainly got me in the mood for my trip to St Lucia with a friend!
A view of Marigot Bay in St Lucia

SO Romantic Platonic!

Couples looking for a romantic getaway typically tend to FLOCK to St. Lucia. The island of St. Lucia. It is well known for its romantic atmosphere and vibes. It’s frequently a “go to” destination for couples as a honeymoon spot, or just a romantic getaway. The rum punch, spectacular sights, and ample opportunities for relaxation provide all of the motivation needed for loving each other. Most people hardly would consider visiting St Lucia with a friend.

A view of clear blue water, colorful blue houses, and lush green palm trees and mountains. A beautiful view as I sail through St Lucia with a friend.
If you visit only one island in your life, see St Lucia! It’s gorgeous!

So, imagine everyone’s shock when Amanda (my best friend) and I decided to visit not with our boyfriends (now husbands) but with each other. We’ve always been super close, but I can tell you some eyebrows were definitely raised when we excitedly told people of our next destination: St Lucia

Two girls are all smiles as they are about to embark on the ultimate girls weekend. They stand on their hotel balcony taking a selfie. It's OK to have a weekend in St Lucia with a friend!
Amanda and I ready for some fun in the sun on our hotel room balcony!

We didn’t let that stop us! We never let anyone think we’re weirdos stop us from doing much of anything! 

The truth is, all types of relationships need to be cared for, including friendly/platonic ones, familial ones, and even ones with ourselves. Traveling to anywhere is a great way to strengthen any type of relationship and build memories of a lifetime! Even if that means traveling to a classically “romantic” island like St Lucia with just a friend.

Lounge chairs to lay out and watch the world turn.

(This is the line of bullshit we sold our husbands. We actually just wanted to get drunk and not have to deal with responsibilities. – KIDDING!!) 

The author in St Lucia with a friend.
Some much needed girl time in St Lucia!

Well Deserved Relaxation

We cook. We clean. We teach. We do everything for everyone. We is tired. Typically when we travel, we spend so much of our time “on the go.” It was so nice to lay out on the beach, or by the pool and just lay down without a care in the world. Sometimes, we would talk deeply about our frustrations, dreams, and past memories. 

The pool at Marigot Bay Resort and Dive. This wound up being the best place to lounge and create silly memories during my trip to St Lucia with a friend!
We were pretty much the only two people at our resort, so we had the pool to ourselves!

During other times, we would just nap on lounge chairs and watch the sun go down.

Other times, we got to be our normal silly selves. There is nothing better than having someone that you can be absolutely childish and stupid with together! We would laugh until we cried sometimes and there’s no better medicine for the soul than that! 

Three blue lounge chairs in the sand overlooking Marigot Bay. This was the perfect place to have many girl chats on my trip to St Lucia with a friend.
Rest and relaxation at our resort.

Drinking! The Flight of the Tropical Bird

Being the good Long Island gals that we are, we started our long weekend with the ever so potent rum punch. When we ordered it off the menu, I just thought it sounded refreshing. I had no idea that it would knock me on my ass. If you drink, you know this type of drunk. The type of drunk where you do silly, stupid, things.

Two glasses of red rum punch in front of Marigot Bay, St Lucia. These are the perfect drinks to have during a trip to St Lucia with a friend
Potent rum punch! Knocked me on my ass for sure!

A bird kept visiting our table, trying to eat our french fries. The first fry he took was too large, and when he tried to fly with it, he fell down. He made several more attempts to find or build the perfect sized fry, each one a failure. We were absolutely astonished, wasted, and couldn’t stop laughing at this amazing little bird. We were cheering him on, sipping our drinks, and completely marveling at his engineer capabilities. Finally, with our rum punch nearly finished, HE DID IT! He found the perfect sized fry and flew off with it! This is the tale of hope that I’m sure so many of you need during these trying times of COVID, and I’m here to deliver. This type of silly drunk is really a must when visiting any place in the Caribbean, is it not? It’s so innocent, unwinding, and so much fun.

A true symbol of hope.

Drinking! And Jammin’

Another evening, we were a different type of drunk. The kind where you just jam out to music, sip a daiquiri, and admire the scenery around you. We sat on our balcony of our resort listening to Bob Marley and other reggae music that our guide had been playing, saying absolutely nothing to each other. It’s REALLY hard to live in the present in New York. It’s really easy to do in St Lucia. My mind was on my music, palm trees, and the sun going down over the water. 

A beautiful deck attached to a hotel room through a sliding glass door. It's the perfect place to sit and listen to music during a trip to St Lucia with a friend
Sitting on our deck and watching the sun go down.

Drinking! Piton beer at the beach

  • St Lucia has its own beer – a nod to its crowned natural jewel – the Pitons! There is something so refreshing about throwing back beers on the beach with your home girl, and not having to worry about that inevitable-bloating-in-a-swimsuit look. One of the many benefits of visiting St Lucia with a friend is you don’t have to constantly worry about looking your best. I can assure you, Amanda had no expectations of me coming to dinner in some flowing, tropical, ball gown like outfit.


As teachers, we cannot go somewhere and not learn. That would be blasphemous. We ALWAYS jam pack our schedules with sightseeing and tours. As much as we loved relaxing, we had to spend a day exploring! Therefore, we took a private tour of Soufriere. So, were we met with heart shaped jacuzzis and couples only dance lessons? Since this is a “romantic destination?” No! Amanda and I were met with opportunities for exploring that anyone can do – not specific to “honeymooners!”

We relaxed in the sulfur baths! Then, we had the most bougie lunch views at a chocolate themed restaurant! Not to be missed, we gawked at the Pitons! For a more detailed account and to follow our itinerary, click here.

Getting Into Trouble

What’s a girl’s trip without getting into some trouble? I’ve recently written a post about a crazy experience with a group of local men that we met. It seems to have gotten a great response, I don’t want to spoil anything, but it was nuts! Read all about it here. 

Boats are needed to get to most places in Marigot Bay.

We became really good friends with a security guard at our hotel. He was a nice man, and elderly. He always looked out for us and gave us suggestions on where to eat and where to go in general. One day, he came up to us after a swim. He was clutching a black drawstring backpack and looking around nervously. “I get you a surprise, but you can’t tell anyone. Bring backpack to me when you’re done.” Anddd he was off. 

Wtf? What could it possibly be inside this bag? Marijuana? Cocaine? Local rum that has the alcohol content strength of sedating a horse? If it was we could just leave the bag somewhere and feign ignorance. We brought the bag back to our room. It was…



I have no idea why this was such a shrouded secret, but they were delicious and there was nothing hidden inside of them. Imagine if we had brought this to the attention of the staff? “Excuse me, this man is trying to smuggle this bag of…oh…um…this bag of mangoes to us.” This is just one of those bizarre memories that always makes me laugh! 

Lounge chairs sit around a beautiful but small infinity pool. It is the perfect place to lounge on a trip to St Lucia with a friend
Relaxing by the pool was absolutely heavenly!

Isn’t that what any trip is all about? Remembering the things that made you smile, laugh, and brought you closer together? It’s TOTALLY to visit a “romantic destination” with someone that you are not in a romantic relationship with. If you visit St Lucia with a friend, it just becomes a destination to explore. Destinations like these totally strengthen your love for each other, but since when it love limited to people we are sexually interested in?

Sitting at lunch and overlooking the Pitons with a bottle of champagne and your partner is romantic. Sitting at lunch and overlooking the Pitons with a bottle of champagne and your bestie makes you a pair of badass, bougies, bitches. It’s all about perspective. definitely think that this trip strengthened our friendship. We spent so much time talking because we had a ton of down time to relax. We made so many memories that couldn’t possibly be forgotten. I’m looking forward to the next girls trip, ASAP! For these reasons, have NO shame in your game about visiting St Lucia with a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or just by your gorgeous self.

A plane sitting on a tarmac with a group of people walking towards it. Author is sad that she her trip to St Lucia with a friend is over.
Heading back to New York! The tans may fade, but the memories will remain!

What are you feelings on guys and girls trips when you’re in a relationship? Have you ever traveled to a “romantic” place with someone who was a friend? Give me all the tea in the comments!

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  1. Oh how FUN! Traveling with girlfriends are the BEST, even if it’s to a typically romantic destination. A few years ago I went to Costa Rica with my college roommate and we had an absolute blast! I would really love to travel to St. Lucia and I think I’ll take a girlfriend rather than a significant other! Thanks for sharing your fun adventure with us!

  2. A girlfriends’ trip sounds awesome here! It looks like a great place to completely destress and what better way to do that than with a friend!

  3. I like your comic way of describing the “mango smuggling” incident! St. Lucia is a bucket list destination for us. But I think I will prefer to go there with the husband 😛 , although I love to take trips with friends as well, especially road trips.

  4. Love the mango story about the security guard! It is those types of things that make trips so memorable. Would love to visit St.Lucia one day, whether its with a friend or my fiancee!

  5. I think it’s great that you visited St. Lucia with a friend! Girls’ trips are a great way to spend some time, relax and enjoy the sun! St. Lucia is a beautiful place to do it!!

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