School is in Session…

The world is vast, complicated, and intricate. To claim to be an “expert” on it or any part of it is absurd.

I’m Stephanie. In my 9-5 life, I’m an educator – a content expert to both my colleagues and students. It’s amazing, but also exhausting. When I travel, I get to enjoy a refreshing change of pace – assuming the role of a perpetual student. Viewing the world with a complete openness and constant intrigue to learn more has enhanced my travel experience and personal life immensely.

Rather than seek to teach others how to become travel experts, I aim to encourage traveler to preserve their innate sense of wonder and curiosity. I encourage all travelers to view the world with an open mind, humble heart, and clear hearing.

We live in a world full of perfectly curated and Pinterest tailored travel blogs and photos. If you’re seeking refuge from an overdose of the fluffy, glittery, bullshit…welcome.

Welcome to a travel blog that takes pride in wandering through graffiti lined city streets, drinking cheap beer at “old man pubs”, shooting the **** with bikers, and staying out entirely too late in a new city. If you like grit, a little bit of chaos, and don’t take yourself too seriously…welcome home.

Think being a parent means you have to stop being your bad ass self and doing what you love? Think again. I am a new mother who is determined to make a traveler out of my son. Follow all of our adventures!


An exceptionally talented writer. Every day, I cannot wait to log on and read all about the crazy experiences Stephanie has learned from. She’s amazing, I only wish she would call me more. Once a day? Utterly disrespectful. What did I do to deserve such poor treatment from my daughter who I give the world to?

— My Italian – Catholic mother

Her teeth are perfect and her legs are exceptional. For those reasons alone – follow this blog.

— My husband

Stephanie is the epitome of resourceful and intellectual. Seeing early in her life that physically she was somewhere around a “seven” she developed a keen sense of wit that few can rival. She’s done this in order to compensate for what she has clearly lacked in glamour and girlish charm.

— New people I meet about an hour into our conversation