Exploring Our Condo – The Only Place to Travel During the COVID19 Panic

Considering travel to anywhere is pretty much obsolete at this point, I decided to explore my home. I spend so much time working that I don’t spend a ton of time here. Well, in the past week I’ve uncovered and traveled to every nook and cranny.

Baby’s Room

 I thought baby’s room would be really soothing and comforting – so I started off there. I’ll be honest – it wasn’t exactly what I imagined. There is only one local living there and he speaks the indigenous language of baby’s room – so it was difficult to communicate. He seemed pretty demanding. I’m not one to disrespect the culture and people of a destination. However, the inhabitant of baby’s room…was a little stinky. I announced I wouldn’t be staying, and he seemed indifferent to losing my business. He was way too focused with picking up a single cheerio.

The clothing worn by the local in baby’s room.

Living Room

This part of the condo might be my favorite. It has a lot of offer and you’re never really bored. I was able to work on my laptop, do some exercise, watch TV, and hang out on the giant “L” shaped couch that is offered to guests for relaxation. I will definitely be visiting this part of the condo again, probably at least 3,000 times before the pandemic is over 10/10!


I’d say this area was about average – not great/not terrible. If I had to describe my experience in the restroom with one word – practical. I’ve heard some restrooms have TOO much toilet paper during this pandemic – others, not enough. I’d say this restroom had an average amount. The latest travel trend is washing hands – and the restroom offered a space for doing that called the sink. My hands felt incredibly clean afterwards, and the smell of the soap offered was divine. 

The soap that is on offer when visiting the restroom.


My heart goes out to the people who live in bedroom. It had clearly been ravaged by a tornado seconds before I landed and arrived. There were clothes, accessories, and belongings scattered around like a war zone. My husband pledged to do everything he can to help with the disaster relief efforts. He doesn’t know that yet, but he’s going to do that

Utter and complete chaos abound. Thoughts and prayers to the inhabitants of bedroom.


Without a doubt, the best place to grab a quick bite in the condo is the kitchen. Kitchen’s menu is centered around a nonperishable cuisine concept. Kitchen employees take a “grab whatever the fuck is left approach” when considering what to bring each week into their eatery. One of my favorite dishes is their Kraft Deluxe Easy mac. Most restaurants can take upwards of 20 minutes from ordering to getting your food. From the minute I decided I was hungry to eating the Easy Mac took about three minutes in total. Other popular items on the menu include Top Ramen, canned soup, frozen chicken breasts (put your order in ahead of time for that one) and Quest Bars. 

Love the nonperishable concept that Kitchen uses to build its menu. Highly suggest the Kraft Easy Mac